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My Craft

I offer portraits captured on medium format film, where through my personally derived development process, shooting style, artisanship, and craftsmanship,  I aim to immortalize the character essence of my subjects. 

Why Medium format?

Superior Image Quality:

Medium format film captures an exponentially greater level of detail compared to 35mm film or digital sensors in general. The larger negative size provides a finer grain, rendering smoother skin tones and intricate details more vividly.


Greater Tonal Range:

The expansive negative size captures a wider tonal range, leading to smoother transitions between highlights and shadows. This quality ensures that facial expressions and features are rendered with nuanced subtlety.


Unique Depth of Field:

Medium format's shallower depth of field, even at equivalent focal lengths and apertures compared to smaller formats, enables subject isolation against dreamy, out-of-focus backgrounds.


Rich Color Reproduction:

Medium format film is unparalleled in natural color and monochrome rendition. The natural, vibrant, and sometimes cinematic color palettes can add an emotional depth to portraits that are not reproducible with other formats. 


Timeless Aesthetic:

There's an undeniable vintage charm to medium-format images. Portraits shot in this format carry a nostalgic, timeless quality that digital formats often try to emulate but rarely achieve authentically.


Tangible Craftsmanship:

The entire process of shooting with film, especially medium format, requires a deliberate approach in each step, from shooting to handling during development. Every shot, agitation, and emulsion matters in delivering a final image, imbuing each portrait with intentionality, artistry, and craftsmanship that will last for decades to come. .

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