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Behind the Camera:

I am Michael Luzzio, a freelance photographer with a passion for the art of film photography. I specialize in documentary, portrait, and street photography, creating compelling visual narratives through "normal" neutral perspective focal-length lenses. 

Born with an innate curiosity and an appreciation for the world's diverse cultures, elements, and landscapes, I  developed a deep fascination for photography at an early age.


Embracing the timeless medium of photographic film, I harness the unique characteristics and tactile nature of film to craft evocative and emotive images that resonate with viewers on a profound level.

As a documentary photographer, I am driven by a desire to shed light on untold stories and capture the essence of the human experience. With a compassionate and empathetic, and open approach, I venture into different environments, immersing myself in the lives of my subjects to document their realities with authenticity and respect. 

In the realm of portrait photography, my ability to connect with my subjects and reveal their innermost emotions and personalities characterizes my portraits by including a  deep sense of intimacy, where each frame becomes a window into the soul of the individual being photographed. Whether it's a spontaneous street encounter or a carefully planned studio session, I aim to capture the essence of my subjects in the rawest and truest form.


The streets are my playground, and I thrive in the unpredictable nature of street photography. Roaming the urban landscape, I seek out candid moments and decisive scenes that reflect the human condition. From bustling city streets to quiet alleyways, my images capture the rhythm, energy, and hidden and overlooked stories that exist within the fabric of everyday life.

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